4ºESOen – TICs – Excel spreadsheet activities (II)

Open a new spreadsheet workbook.

Enter the data shown below exactly as it appears:


Click on cell A2 and drag through A5 to select that range of cells. The spreadsheet will look like this after you make the selection:


Click on the B in the Formatting Toolbar at the top to Bold the contents of the cells.

Click on Cell D1 and Bold the label <The Answers>.

Notice the label <The Answers> extends into Column E. To widen Column D to contain the entire label, place the cursor on the line separating the D and the E.  A cross shaped will appear when you are exactly on the line.  Left click with the mouse and drag the cross to the right until all of the label is contained within the column.  Your spreadsheet should now look like this:


A formula is a set of mathematical instructions. The spreadsheet carries out these computations and displays the results in a designated cell.

In a spreadsheet, a formula always begins with an equal sign. (=)   The formula also must tell what cells are involved or what numbers must be included.  If you always refer to a number by its cell address, then whenever you change the number, every other cell that refers to the original number will change as well.  That is the beauty of a spreadsheet over a calculator!

Formulas use the basic calculations of addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), and division (/). The formula =B5+C4 adds the contents of cell B5 to the contents of cell C4 and displays the sum in the cell in which the formula was typed.

Remember you can use the numeric keypad to make entries, as well as the number line above the top row of letters on the keyboard.

Let’s figure out the formulas that will give us the answers on our spreadsheet.

Click on cell D2. Type =B2+C2 and <Enter>.  The + and = are on the same key on the top row of the keyboard.  To type the +, you must hold down the Shift Key.

Click again on Cell D2. Notice the 403 remains showing on the spreadsheet, but look up in the entry bar above.  Your formula shows here.  If you need to make changes to the formula, you must make the changes in the entry bar.

Let’s figure out the formula now for D3. We need to subtract to find the difference between B3 and C3.  Click on D3 and enter =B3-C3 and then hit <Enter>.

To figure the answer for D4, you must multiply. On the computer the <x> is not used as multiplication symbol.  Instead, multiply is the * found by holding down the Shift Key while typing the number 8.  You can also use the * button on the numeric keypad.  Type in the formula to multiply B4 and C4.  Don’t forget to begin with an = sign.

Finally, let’s figure out the formula that belongs in cell D5. You want to divide the contents of cell B5 by the contents of cell C5.  The symbol for divide is the / found on the ? key or the / located on the numeric keypad.

Your spreadsheet should now look like this:



If you do not have these answers showing, go back and check your formulas.  Remember, you can click on the cell and view the formula in the Entry Bar right above the Column letters.  Do all your formulas begin with a =?



4ºESOen – TICs – Excel spreadsheet activities (III)




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