4ºESOen – TICs – Excel spreadsheet activities (III)

In this activity, you will learn about the SUM function, which is used to add various cells together. Be sure to read through and try everything in this first section.

Enter in a spreadsheet the following data as you see here.

excel5To use the SUM function to find the sum of the numbers located in cells A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5, you first click the cell in which you would like the sum to be displayed.  In this case, A6 might be an appropriate cell in which to display the answer.  Click cell A6.

Type =Sum(A1:A5) and press .

You will see that the sum is displayed in cell A6 while the actual function is displayed in the Entry Bar. If you need to change the function, do so in the Entry Bar.


Another way to use the SUM function (and not have to type in the cell addresses!) is to use the Sum icon from the Standard Toolbar.

Delete the contents of cell A6. (Click on cell A6 and hit the delete button). Make sure you are still clicked on cell A6.

The Summation Icon is the ∑ button. Click this button.  The spreadsheet will try to predict what cells to add by examining where data is entered in relation to the cell in which the sum will be placed.  It puts a selection rectangle around these cells so that you can verify that they are, indeed, the correct ones.


If the cells are correct, press . You will see the sum in cell A6, just as you did when you typed =SUM(A1:A5).

Delete everything from this spreadsheet. (Select all cells with data, go to Edit, and Clear All)

Enter data into the spreadsheet as seen below:


Widen column A so that the label “Total of Column” reads correctly.

Bold the label in Cell A7.

Click Cell B7. Type in =Sum(B1:B6) and press OR click the summation button from the Standard Toolbar.

Do the same for Cell C7.

Input whatever numbers you wish into Column D1 through D6. Use the ∑ icon to total and put the answer in Cell D7.


4ºESOen - TICs - Excel spreadsheet activities (IV)


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