4ºESOen – TICs – Excel spreadsheet activities (V)

Set up the initial spreadsheet with the following labels as shown below.  After inputting the label information, widen the columns as necessary.  You can also go to Format-columns-AutoFit, which will automatically widen column A as you type in your gifts. Bold all labels in Row 1.  Put a solid line border UNDER the contents of Row 1.  Right align columns B through F.


Go on-line and select four different gifts to give as Christmas or birthday presents. Use internet catalogs or web sites.  DO NOT SPEND ALL YOUR TIME SEARCHING FOR THE GIFT!  You need a brief description of the gift and the price of ONE item. Do not worry about the Shipping Column at this point. If you didn’t use AutoFit, widen column A as necessary.  An example appears below:


Click and change columns B, D, E, and F to show dollar amounts. (Click on the dollar sign in the menu bar.)  Do NOT change Column C.

If you are buying one of each item, put a 1 in the amount column. But if you are buying the same gift for two or more members of your family, input a 2, 3, etc. in the amount column.   Make sure the amount column DOES NOT show dollar amounts.

The formula for column D, beginning with D3 through the bottom of your list (D6) will be the price of the item (column B) TIMES the number purchased (column C) or a formula that reads =B3*C3. Drag (Fill Down) this formula to the last entry on column D, which will be D6.  Your spreadsheet should now look something like this:   (Notice the formula in the formula bar!)


Since we are fortunate to live in the great state of Oregon without a sales tax, we will NOT have to compute sales tax. However, as we are ordering on-line there will be shipping charges.  For the sake of this activity, we will figure the shipping cost as 10% of the subtotal cost.  Therefore the formula for column E will read:  =D3*10%.  Input this formula into E3, and then Fill Down the formula through E6. 


The total cost for each item in your list will be the subtotal plus the shipping costs. Input this ADDITION formula into F3.  Fill down through F6.

Beginning in Cell C8, Type the following label: Total Cost of GiftsBold the label.  In Cell F8, use the SUM function to add the cost of all items together to form a total cost.  (Remember your SUM function?  =SUM(xx:xx)  (You fill in the right cell addresses in place of the XX!!!!) Your spreadsheet will now look like this:


Beginning in Cell C9, type the following label:  Money I Have for Gifts. In Cell F9, type in how much money you plan to spend on gifts this year.  (This is your choice, but make it somewhat reasonable!)

Beginning in Cell C11, type the following label: Amount too much or too little.

To compute your final formula, you must SUBTRACT the Total Cost of your Christmas gifts from the money you have to spend. (Yes, this is slightly upside down on the spreadsheet!)  You will be subtracting F8 from F9.  Input this formula into cell F11.

The answer for Amount too much or too little will show in one of two ways.   If it is negative, it means you have spent MORE money than you had available.  You are IN THE RED, which is how the federal government usually operates (NOT GOOD!)  If you don’t see “-“, you are IN THE BLACK, which means you have money left over after your gift shopping.  Celebrate!

If you see “-“, you might want to figure out a way to earn more money this year!

Your finished spreadsheet should look something like this one.  The type of gifts MUST be different! Hit the Shortcut key to Formulas and compare with the Answer Sample in the back.





4ºESOen – TICs – Excel spreadsheet activities (VI)



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