4ºESOen – TICs – Excel spreadsheet activities (VI)

The Task:  It is Master Yoda’s 2000th birthday and a celebration is in order.  But the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO, hosts for the party, don’t have a lot of cash.  They have been given just $75 for the party from the Jedi Council. Twelve guests have been invited, including Master Yoda.  You will use a spreadsheet to plan the expenses of the party and make adjustments until you meet the $75 limit.

Enter this information into your spreadsheet.


Make the following formatting changes:

  • Bold the labels in Row 4, & cells C16 and C17.
  • Adjust the width of columns so that all of the cell content is displayed.
  • Add a bottom border below Row 4.
  • Fill Row 4 with a color of your choice.
  • Put a bottom border under cells A14 through D14.
  • Format cell C5 through D14 for currency.
  • Format cells D16 and 17 for currency also.
  • Right align the words in cells B4 through D4. Right align the words in cells C16 and C17 also.

In column B you will enter estimate for the quantity of each item you need for the party.  Remember that there will be 12 people (Droids? Aliens?) attending.  Everyone will need table service and expect to eat!

In cell D5, enter the formula needed to calculate the cost of the dinnerware. Be sure to use cell formulas and not just the numbers.  Remember you formula should MULTIPLY the cost of each item by the number of items needed.

Use the Fill Down feature to copy and paste the formula to the rest of Column D through cell D14. Switch to Formula Mode and check to be sure that each cell makes the correct changes in formula to reflect that particular row.

In Cell D16, type the formula that will give the grand total. You can use the Summation Icon, the Sum Function, or the long way of adding each cell individually.

The Jedi Council allocated $75 for this party. What formula will you type into cell D17 to reflect  the amount beyond the $75 you are spending.  HINT:  This formula uses a cell address and a number.  You will need to subtract.

Chances are….you are over budget. If the amount in cell D17 is negative, you are underbudget and finished.  But if you have an amount in D17 and NO “-“, then you must do some trimming.  Adjust the amounts in the How Many? Column (there are no sales offered, so the prices will stay the same!)  Maybe not everyone will get a balloon.   Maybe everyone can’t have both pizza AND a sub sandwich.  Fewer chips?  Everyone will need at least one napkin, plates, and a cup.

Make adjustments until the number in D17 is negative, but as close to 0 as possible (you might as well spend the whole $75!)  This is the beauty of a spreadsheet.  You don’t have to keep doing the math – the spreadsheet will do it for you!

4ºESOen – TICs – Excel spreadsheet activities (VII)



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