4ºESOen – TICs – Excel spreadsheet activities (VII)

Master Yoda is opening a new school for young Jedi knights.  He must purchase the necessary equipment for the knights, pay for rent on a location, plus feed and house the young knights while they are in training.  These would all be his expenses.  In return, the Jedi “wanna be”s will pay Master Yoda money (tuition)  Your job will be to create a spreadsheet that will help Master Yoda know how many students he can take, how much to charge them, AND make some money!

Set up your spread sheet to appear as the one below.


Format cells B4-B9, B11, B13, and B15 for currency.

In Cell B9, input the formula to determine the total expenses for each student.

In Cell B11, type the following formula to figure the total tuition income: =B13*B12.

In Cell B15, type the following formula: =B11-(B9*B12).  Be sure to include the ( ).

Now the fun begins! Master Yoda isn’t sure how many students to accept OR how much to charge each student for the class.  You need to play around with different amounts in Cells B12 and B13 to end up with a PROFIT FOR YODA of  $20,000.00 (That’s twenty thousand dollars!)  Keep making adjustments to the tuition costs and/or number of students until you get a profit close to the $20,000 mark.

WARNING!  Young Jedi Knights only carry money in $100 dollar bills, so they cannot pay a tuition in anything other than multiples of $100.  (For example, tuition cannot be $1550.)  Tuition cannot be over $3000 per student and Yoda cannot handle any more than 35 students. 

4ºESOen – TICs – Excel spreadsheet activities (VIII)



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