1ºESOen – Project sections

Cover page

The cover sheet should include:

  • Drawing that represents the company that is going to build the project or a drawing that represents the work to be done.
  • Title with the name of the work. Project of……
  • The name and number of each member of the group. It is placed in the bottom left
  • Course of the working group.



The index will indicate the paragraphs and sub-paragraphs that are inside the written project. If possible, the page will be placed where each section is located.

1. Main report

  1.      It will have the following sections:
    • 1.1. Teacher proposal: Describes the initial work proposal made by the teacher.
    • 1.2. Description of the project: It describes the final project of the group, the company, the city and the purpose of the project.
    • 1.3. Charges of the company: The charges will change each week during the construction so that all the members of the group go through all the charges: Office Manager, Company Secretary, Health and safety coordinator, Operator.
    • 1.4. Tools needed: A list of all the tools that are needed for the construction of the project.
    • 1.5. Measurements: A list of all the materials that we are going to need for the construction of the project with its quantity. The quantities can be in meters, in units, in boats, etc. depending on the material.

2. Plans

  1.          The following plans will be included:
    • 2.1. Plans of each piece needed for the project. With all dimensions (measures).
    • 2.2.Plan of the electrical circuits.
    • 2.3. Plan of the whole project (with measures).

3. Production estimate

  1.      Production estimates calculate the cost of a project before it begins. This way, we can decide if our project is profitable as we have designed it, or if it would be better to choose other materials or models to bring costs down.

    We make a note of the materials we are going to use, so we calculate the quantity we need.


4. Appendix

            4.1 Agreements 

Agreements taken prior to commencement of work by all members of the group, such as the consequences of not doing the job well, lack of respect, failure to comply with standards or work, etc., shall be recorded in writing.

3 members of the group of 4 (2 members of the group of 3) have to be in favor of the agreement. The agreements will be signed by all members of the group before starting to do the work.


     – The sections that follow will be done at the same time as the project is being built, so 4 blank sheets are left (2 for daily memory and one for each of the other two sections) –


4.2 Daily memory    

What is done each day and the name of the people who performed it. This is done day by day at the end of the class.

            4.3 Changes in the original project

All changes are made with respect to the original project and the reason for the change.

4.4. Evaluation of work

     Individually, each member of the group values, at the end of the work, the entire project. What you have found, whether you have found it interesting or not, if you have liked it, how you have worked with your group, whether it has been difficult or easy, etc.




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